Player Handicap / Statistics - Session:  2-2017 - Week: 14


We Like Splits Hcp Avg Won Lost Wks 9oB B&R
Steve Lewis00.6667302491-
Sherry Shelton-1-0.666724309--
Charles Edwards10.7527218--
Joe Ostrowski0n/a000--
Tom McDaniel2n/a000--
James Thompson10.36363531111-
Mike Gilbert11.230847311311
Ken Shelton0n/a000--
Cody Hanson-1-2.2515338--
Tessa Craig-5-6061--


Show us your Rack Hcp Avg Won Lost Wks 9oB B&R
Roger Scott221684--
Shane Painter32.571430127--
Brad Smrcina0n/a000--
Jim Gladson-1n/a000--
Tony DAndrea-2-1.666713236--
Bill McCord-1-1.666713236--
Clayton Taylor22.36364620111-
Travis Beeman0-1572--
Burgess Russell-2-2.41842101-
Jerry Farinash-1024248--


Phils Cronies Hcp Avg Won Lost Wks 9oB B&R
Dave Yap30.444429259--
Jerry Moody332796--
Phil Windham1121156--
Jeff Parks10.8342610-1
Larry Pugnier-2-2.285713297--
Leslie Yap10.666730249--
Bill Wilkins3n/a000--
Keith Webber11.2529198-2


Qualified Coaches Hcp Avg Won Lost Wks 9oB B&R
Rickey Ogles-1024248--
Amber Ogles0-1572--
Ray McConnell0-2482--
Kenneth Worbington-3-28164--
Michael Orick-2-212246--
Jim Kennedy-1-1.45452541111-
Jimmy Hill-2-26123--
Candice Yeager-2-0.66678103--
Jennifer Bassett-2-2204010--
Jared Cloos-2-2.333311256--


GBU Hcp Avg Won Lost Wks 9oB B&R
Pedro Pons0-0.4283210--
Rick Hardaway0-0.7521278--
Keith Cannon0-0.42832101-
Brad Epperson1-0.666716206--
Greg Edwards0-1.09092739111-
David Allen0-1572--
Edward Fox1n/a000--
David Fleury00.2525238--
Mike Cannon0n/a000--


Shake N Bake Hcp Avg Won Lost Wks 9oB B&R
Ricky Hill2-0.2293110--
Jeff Templin1-1.1111223291-
Lee Robinson20.857124187--
Steve Sharp00.333319176--
Cheyney Graham11.43723101-
Kevin Sheppard21.428626167--
Jaryd Despaux11.51594--
Jeremy Evans0n/a000--


Truck Driver Hcp Avg Won Lost Wks 9oB B&R
Rob Glenn121684--
Mike Thacker0021217--
Andrew Siv11.333333219--
David Fuertes10.75272181-
Stan Overturf21.428626167--
Arthur Manoukian0-0.414165--
Larry Woodruff1n/a000--
Lydell Summerville33.71433487--
Tyler Bivens11282081-


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