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Important Thursday 9 Ball League - Captains and Players

We will meet this Thursday (5/28) at 7:00 for a Captains meeting to discuss the parameters under which we can play pool at the Club and restart the league. The biggest question will be if we can field 10 teams or if we need to contract to less than 10 to be able to field full teams.

One issue we are going to face has to do with the type of liquor license the Club has. Because of their type of license and in order to be able to be open, they have to serve everyone food. The Club has a restaurant type liquor license. Entities with bar type licenses, ie, you don't have to eat food, cannot be open at this time. That might change soon, but as of right now, everyone has to eat while at the Club. That might be as simple as ordering a couple of pizzas for the table, but there has to be food.

Second issue is that only two people can be at a table at a time. Everyone else has to be behind the glass (you will see what I mean if you haven't been by). This probably applies to the practice tables also. No more 5 or 6 folks around the practice table for the time being. We will only have one practice table on each side and it will be a 9 foot table. The 8 foot tables not being used by the league will be held open for rental by the Club.

In summary, Captains meeting this coming Thursday at 7:00 in the Havana Room. Captains should be prepared to state if they can field a team starting on June 4 under the current rules. If you cannot field a team when the league restarts, there will be no refunds.



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