9 Ball Scores is a 9 Ball Pool League Scoring and Handicap System

Loosely based on BCA league format

With our system you can run your own pool league
  • Keeps Players Handicaps
  • Creates Session Schedule
  • View Session Schedule, Standings on the web
  • Creates Ladder bracket for playoff
  • Full administration from the web

Three Types of play to choose from

  • Match Play
  • BCA Handicap Play
  • Masters No Handicap

Match Options

  • Adjustable Handicap Ceiling
  • Team Max Players 7 to 10
  • Adjustable Handicap Multiplier

Calculate Prize Money

Options for Weekly Match Fees

  • Set Weekly Match Fee
  • Set Weekly Greens Fee Per Player - Fees subtracted for the house
  • Set Weekly Administrative Fees - Fees subtracted for administration

Option to add more funds during playoff

  • Optional 1st Week Finals - Collect fees 1st week of Finals?
  • Optional 2nd Week Finals - Collect fees 2nd week of Finals?

Set percentages for payout at end of session

  • Set Percentage of purse paid for Player Game Wins
  • Set Percentage of purse paid for 1st thru Last place finish
  • Set Percentage of purse paid for Playoff Winners

Payout up to 4 places

  • Set Percentage paid for 1st Overall
  • Set Percentage paid for 2nd Overall
  • Set Percentage paid for 3rd Overall
  • Set Percentage paid for 4th Overall



About 9 Ball Scores

9 Ball Scores is a handicaping and scoreing system for nine ball pool leagues


Bugs or Suggestions

If you find any errors, or can suggest any improvements please email admin.


Who uses this?

This system is good for any club looking to manage their own in house pool league



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