2-2021: Payout Schedule

Session ID:  2-2021
Session Fees $4896.00
1st Round Playoff Fees - added to Playoffs$306.00
2nd Round Playoff Fees - added to Playoffs$136.00
Total Purse Session and Playoff $5338.00
Per Game Win 70% of Session Fees$3427.20      $1.59 per win
1st - 9th Finish 30% of Session Fees $1468.80
1st $293.76
2nd $261.12
3rd $228.48
4th $195.84
5th $163.20
6th $130.56
7th $97.92
8th $65.28
9th $32.64
1st Round Playoff Fees$306.00
2nd Round Playoff Fees$136.00
30% Session Fees $1468.80
Total Playoff Funds $1910.80
1st Overall - 60 % of Total Playoff Funds $1,146.48
2nd Overall - 40 % of Total Playoff Funds $764.32


About 9 Ball Scores

9 Ball Scores is a handicaping and scoreing system for nine ball pool leagues


Bugs or Suggestions

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Who uses this?

This system is good for any club looking to manage their own in house pool league



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