Session: 2-2021 Player Statistics

Rank Player HC Won Lost Wks 9OB B&R Eggs Sweeps Average
Rank Player HC Won Lost Wks 9OB B&R Eggs Sweeps Average
1Shane Painter33111722012.092
2Dave Yap21317500001.798
3Jerry Moody21410400001.778
4Clayton Taylor22412600001.616
5Tom McDaniel23117800011.562
6Thom Schneider2297620011.546
7Toby Poss2117310011.546
8David Mays23018801011.439
9Ricky Hill24014900011.296
10Stan Overturf21620600001.040
11Charles Edwards21521610101.009
12Martin Winters233100001.009
13Phil Windham1168400000.923
14Billy Campbell13123900000.652
15Leslie Yap12127800100.481
16Jeff Parks1177400010.378
17Steve Lewis12028800000.095
18Jeff Templin061231010-0.037
19Joe Ostrowski07520000-0.141
20Lional Sobus0121850000-0.154
21Amber Ogles011730000-0.180
22Keith Cannon0222070000-0.207
23Mike Thacker0191760001-0.398
24Jason Graham0233190010-0.658
25Rickey Ogles091540000-0.959
26Jerry Farinash06620000-0.988
27Rick Hardaway082860020-0.994
28Bryan McJunkin-11510000-1.040
29Jim Kennedy-1142261000-1.216
30Sherry Shelton-1124290020-1.694
31Bill McCord-16620000-1.734
32Jennifer Bassett-2153380000-2.376



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